Buy Cheap and Best Air Jordans Shoes for yourself

The experience person tells you how to choose a better and cheap Air Jordans shoes for yourselves. Hope it is usefully!

Expert advice, when you walk into an outdoor goods store to buy shoes when the shoes to understand the requirements of the most salespeople to help, or find a mountaineering expert help.

Be sure to try the actual measurement, do not use the size of a pair of shoes to go before the inference, the size of the foot is capricious.

Do not be confused by the number of dimensions, whether it is the size of the United Kingdom, continental size or U.S. size (also men and women), the size will be affected by the size and design of the shoe factory standard, it is best to try several nearby multi-dimensions

Evening shoes! At night, people feet swell slightly, like when we walk in the mountains.

Slowly try it, not to be too hasty to make decisions. Prepare two to buy a good pair of shoes for a long time , as much as possible to try different brands and shoes

Bring your own socks , it is best used with climbing shoes socks

After the tie shoelaces, to see whether the activity met anterior toes , wear new shoes after a long time, may slightly increase the width and thickness, but will not increase the length , too short, shoes tend to bump toes and nails ;

When you try wearing shoes walk, on the one hand make new shoes more flexible leather or fabric, one can also try out whether there are subtle uncomfortable place

Buy shoes fit for purpose , but do not want a pair of shoes to meet all purposes. Do not just for a special trip to purchase one pair of special shoes feature.

Catch the feeling of the foot, pick up a pair of the most comfortable, with a standard pair of shoes to try all, only one person know which shoe is best for you, that is your own.